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The innovative function of the cloud has to offer users a fun way and easy to see, control and store their digital life.
D-Link, a provider of the world’s leading networking products has just introduced cloud initiative D-Link Cloud. Combining the creative functionality of cloud computing on home network products is intended to expand the ability to access safe, for storage and view the user’s data.

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In the workshop on the future of the Organization and Beyond webinar: iPad computer speaker Angela McIntyre of the market research company Gartner said that the era of the “personal cloud” has arrived: “we are entering a new era of personal cloud, and it is becoming the center of the digital life of users”.
See the increasing demand in the discovery family of network and content anywhere at any time as a result of mobility and wireless extension connection, D-Link D-Link has launched Cloud as a unique innovative solution for this need.

Cloud computing capabilities of the company will be improved by the time used and the setting for many of the popular D-Link device including Network Camera-IP Camera, wireless router-Wireless Router, and network hard drive-NAS.

Users can create and control the personal cloud from a remote area while monitoring people who are connected to their network. All these functions are accessed through the website or application myDlink myDlink on your mobile phone.

“Creative, fun-loving is what users want to experience the most from D-Link products,” said Jacky Chang, Vice President, D-Link, South East Asia and Australia said. By taking use of the D-Link equipment to connect through their cloud computing, customers would be an easy access to the many valuable features. D-Link Cloud is a great way for anyone to control, view, and store your digital life “.

D-Link made a first breakthrough on the cloud in 2009, when myDlink platform helps change the network model for IP cameras, allowing users to easily access their video images from a remote feed.D-Link myDlink allows IP cameras such as the DCS-DCS-932L, 930L and 942L-DCS automatically join the myDlink platform so they can be retrieved on the focus that is not involved in any complex configuration process. D-Link product Cloud with simple features elegant design, providing access to the consumer network devices with just a few simple clicks.

In addition to the current IP Camera-Network Camera and the next generation, some of the first products to get the improvements from the cloud will be the wireless router-Wireless Router and network storage devices-NAS. Wireless router as DIR-605L will benefit from the ability to manage the use of network and security monitoring of their networks. VESSEL equipment as DNR-322L will connect to myDlink platform for quick and easy access to live images or video playback was recorded.

D-Link Unveils cloud initiative D-Link Cloud in recognition of consumers about the prospect of developing a network connection. “After 25 years of innovation and breakthrough technology, D-Link Cloud initiative is the latest effort of the D-Link towards usability and connect in cyberspace of the consumer,” Mr. Chang said. “We are committed to the development of network technology, the cloud will offer convenience and more rights for the user than ever”.

Reference information is available in: http://cloud.dlink.com.

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