Cloud servers and 5 benefits for business

Printing solution based on cloud platforms help for users of the Office can work more efficient and flexible, quick printing whenever they want, from wherever you are.

Most businesses today use the application based on the cloud platform to cater to the demands of daily work, from online collaboration to enterprise resource planning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Besides, today’s Office workers have a tendency to interact with cloud services through smartphones and other connected devices, often rather than using desktop computers. The cloud model is the choice of many businesses today and that is no exception when it comes to printing.

Most new printers nowadays are equipped with a network connection (wired or wireless, or both) and the majority are equipped with printer network ports are web-connected functionality. Said another way, the printer connected to the network today is often the active printer on cloud platforms, can synchronize with your computer or mobile device through an Internet connection.

One cloud printing model is more user choice is now the Google Cloud Print, send, and print files from anywhere through web services or applications on mobile devices. Here are 5 benefits of printers connected to the network that gives business users.

1. Convenience

The first thing that you can see when you set up a printer connected to the Google Cloud Print service, or cloud services are provided by your printer manufacturer, the key is not needed to install drivers (driver) and the complicated configuration steps. When just open the Recycle a printer there paste the labels “Cloud-Ready”, you can use the right by many services comes through the Android and iOS application to print directly from your smartphone or tablet. Network connection printer also does not need to be updated manually firmware and driver that can perform fully automatically, without user intervention.

Google Cloud Print is a print service cloud convenience
All files you need to print will be delivered via the web through cloud printing services, so that your computer does not even need to connect directly to a printer by cable or by wireless connectivity standards such as Wi-Fi, NFC. All what you need to do is connect your computer or mobile device to the Internet, log in to your cloud printing services and start printing.

This also facilitates the share needs the ability to print the document and the content more convenient. Most cloud printing services now allow you to “share” the right to access the printer connected cloud with others, like sharing documents online for them. So, if colleagues or customers are in a different place and need to quickly print documents to a printer set up in your Office then you can share printer access cloud so that they can print from a smartphone, tablet or laptop of them instantly.

2. remote access

The cloud printing services can also synchronize with an existing network connection printer in your home or Office. After the device is synchronized with the server, you can print from anywhere even if the printer is put away hundreds of thousands of kilometers. This can be viewed as a great add-on for Office staff to work remotely and those wishing to work from home.

If you are making a slideshow document in an online meeting via conferencing service and wish all participants of the Conference have been his report in hand, you can send the command to print a report directly to a printer in their conference rooms. With cloud printing model, an employee sends the command to print to the printer put right next to the desk also does what no other person using that printer from a city or country to another.

3. cost effective

Cloud networking printer is also an effective solution to manage and organise the Printing Office’s operations, especially for start-up model startup or small and medium enterprises. Instead of having to make installing and maintaining each separate printers are connected to the Office network, businesses can significantly cut the cost of operation, maintenance and printing ink If configuring a printer connection or two cloud services to all computers in the Office.

Compare cloud printing models and traditional printing
Depending on the scale and organization of the business plan, you may still need many printers connect cloud. However, the wireless printer seems to more flexibility in the layout compared to the wired network connection printer. In addition, most new printers now have energy-saving features, will contribute to cost saving works better. The majority of printers are now equipped with modes save Econo-Mode helps cut costs overall electricity use when the machine does not work.

4. privacy

One of the problems was the first concern of administrators when considering the switch to use cloud printing model is available. When the share and send files to print through cloud, most people use the Office are less interested in security issues, especially the internal corporate information. All documents should now print sent via the Internet is a public network, the environment should share the data privacy through Internet system is extremely dangerous because information can be leaked, stolen.

To overcome this problem, the cloud printing service has transitioned to web connection model HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), help file and document security by SSL encrypting standard (Secure Sockets Layer) from the time they are submitted to date are printed. After the job is processed and completed, the relevant documents will be removed from the service’s servers in the cloud and totally not stored on it.

5. Can change according to the needs

Cloud networking printer allows printing of business activity could expand rapidly as the scale of operations development, suitable for both the startup model, small and medium business to large enterprise organizations. When the scale of the business activity increases, the need to hire additional staff or open new offices, investment in infrastructure, cloud-based printing can help you save a lot of costs in the long run.

However, cloud printing models also have drawbacks is causing administrators need to perform many more operations as more new staff. At the time, IT staff must set desktop or notebook of new people to connect to the printer, configure the mobile device by using the Device Manager software mobile MDM (Mobile Device Management) while ensuring that the individual’s mobile device users to safely in line with the company’s privacy policy.

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