Amazon refused provided data for American police

Amazon has just rejected the American police when they asked Amazon to unlock the data that the police seized was Echo equipment service for the purpose of criminal investigation.

The Amazon device this Echo of James Andrew Bates in the State of Arkansas, was said to have stabbed his friend, Victor Collins. Body was found in a bathtub at the homes of suspects in November last year, after a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Police discovered near the tub near the body many traces of a tussle. During the afternoon of the party, the music is turned on and wireless transmission from the House around the backyard.

Listen for the Echo receive Amazon voice commands from the user.

According to police, Echo equipment have been seized as evidence, may contain information related to this incident.

On 4/12/2015, Amazon had received a search warrant review. But now, the airline is continuing to get a search warrant review Monday, but the airline declined to share information from your Echo equipment that they produce up to their host.

Amazon Echo constantly listen to the “voice” of the user, so this device “to save any voice in the surroundings, and so may time of the incident, Echo is in Active mode, and the data has been uploaded to Amazon’s servers located in different places.

But Amazon spokesman said that: “Amazon will not launch customer information without valid legal requirements. Amazon refused the requests of other illegal because customer benefits. “

Earlier this year, Apple also denied the request of the U.S. Government, does not unlock the iPhone terrorist Farook Rizwan in San Bernardino. Eventually, the FBI have to spend more than $1 million to ask for technical help from the outside and took the data.

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