Amazon, Google and Microsoft continue to lead cloud market

The market for the upcoming cloud services will no longer support the small retail provider anymore, which will entirely depend on the “big” in the industry.
Hundreds of service providers cloud computing worldwide are facing increasingly fierce competition in this market. True, the cloud market is currently dominated by three major supplier is Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

That’s why veteran cloud provider Rackspace draws out the market infrastructure IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) are guided by three “Mr. big”. Meanwhile, several other vendors are starting to redirect to a new market segment for PaaS platform service market (platform-as-a-service) also are competing.

All three companies are investing significant costs for research and development infrastructure for cloud services. In the second quarter, 2014, Amazon has invested about 1.3 billion dollars on new infrastructure for cloud services Amazon Web Services. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Google also invested a total of about 3.4 billion in cloud services. IBM, a rival in the industry, also announced it would spend about 1.2 billion for their new data center this year.

Amazon is still the cloud computing industry.
According to analysts, PaaS and IaaS cloud market would be further expanded. Small providers may be more creative in order to “fight” with the big studios. According to current trends, enterprises often want to collaborate with companies to offer cloud for business expansion and investment in the future.
As predicted, in 2015 and 2016 second coming, Amazon, Google and Microsoft will continue to head the cloud market. All three also said the airline will compete with each other for many years to come.They are the “Giants” in the technology sector should will have the advantage over economic potentials, stronger and more powerful strategy.

The other IaaS service providers such as IBM, HP and Verizon are expected to jump to these other markets to tap the market, such as health care, finance and retail. The airline also will increase but not as strong as the three leader.

For the rest of the provider, but is not lost all hope but they need to search specific fields are doing well to exploit all of its value. The relevant market segment for this airline include identifying security, management and administrative jobs.

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