Adobe Creative Cloud: saving solution for designers

Ensure proactive, creative about costs, Adobe Creative Cloud helps designers to add a savings option

Ago when it wants to start, in addition to machineries, equipment designers have stores software. To buy “fishing rods”, such as the Adobe Master Collection, least you also have to spend no less than 2,000 dollars (~ 42 million). Not to mention when a new version, if you want to “up”, you have to put out more near 10 million.
High initial investment costs, but sales have not know caused not a few designers just starting “depressed”.

Now, with Adobe Creative Cloud start-up opportunities, of the new designer was gradually implemented. Adobe Creative Cloud lets you rent using the tools Adobe CS6 by month or year. You do not need to connect to the Internet, instead you can download, install and use the Adobe Master Collection with CS6 design tools, web, video, digital image on your computer.

Reasonable cost
Adobe Creative Cloud has a rental near 50 us dollars/month (~ 1 million) for the contract year, the price of about 75 dollars per month if rent each month. If you are using the CS3, CS4, CS5, or copyrighted 5.5, Adobe CS discount of 20 u.s. dollars/month (~ 420 thousand) in the first year. In addition, when Adobe updated the new version, you will be using the new version immediately at no additional charge. We upgrade from the previous version of CS6 525 price up (~ 11 million). With the Service Pack, follow the rental, as in you will easily actively planned costs for each project.

A further advantage of using Adobe Creative Cloud is that you don’t have to worry about Windows or Mac version as before. Instead you can hire CS6 version use Windows, Mac version, depending on demand. In addition, you also get Adobe provides 20 GB of online storage space and web page hosting services (hosting).

Improve job performance
CS6 powered automated tools help your work faster and more efficiently. For example, the tool automatically transfer the AfterEffects movie, 2D, 3D; some publishing support tools files suitable for smart phones, Tablet. Dreamweaver provides the interface (layout) Fluid Grid automatically sort the content fit the screen size tablet, smart phone. InDesign automatically adjust the magazine content, horizontal or vertical format catalog when the user rotates the device.

Upcoming Adobe Creative Cloud will equip the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite makes it easy to publish your magazine, brochure, catalogs into independent applications on iOS and Android. Besides, when a member Creative Cloud, you can access the Adobe font library for hundreds of Typekit.

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